Open Banking Made Simple
Robust ML models and APIs developed for and with the community of fintech innovators

Make the most of Open Banking

Leverage the free community API to build better experiences for your customers.

 Simple Integration

Built to be compatible with Open Banking transactions. Plug straight into the well-documented, RESTful API.

 Powering Data-Driven Experiences

Create product differenttiation building intelligent, data-driven customer experiences.

 Broadest Test Data

Comprehensive and accurate models, trained using rich and diverse data sets and the latest ML methods.

Transaction APIs

As a first step, and alongside leaders in Fintech, we have built a free-to-use, community-supported API for personal financial transaction analysis. The API solves several common experience use cases in personal finance, and provides the fundamental building blocks to power innovative user experiences.

 Transaction Categories

Classify customer bank account and credit card transactions into categories, with summarised spend by month.

 Merchant Identification

Identify merchants associated with customer transactions, summarised by monthly spend.

 Predicted Spend

Predict your customer's future expenses by category and merchant to provide insight into their spending habits and help them save.

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